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I appreciate more personal connections and that for me seems to happen via email more than on social media. It is useful because:

  • You will have a better chance of getting one of those free spots available in weekly classes and you will be the first to be notified of new events/offerings.

  • I will not clog up your inbox and keep the emails to a minimum.

  • You can choose which kind of events, you are interested in hearing about.

  • You can get a birthday treat (a free class) if you let me know your birth date.

  • I will also occasionally send a little freebie meditation, journaling prompt or short practice.

  • You can email me back just by replying. I genuinely love to hear from people!

To sign up go to: www.mindfullymilla.co.uk and scroll down to Stay Connected!

It is finally the joyous time for me to reunite with my family in Finland and after 2 long years see them. Due to this, there will be no classes next week. If you would like a recording instead of a p

Journaling doesn't require us to talk if we are not ready to do so. That's why it is ideal for understanding and moving through difficult emotions. I offer guided journaling on variety of topics every