Handling difficult emotions

Journaling doesn't require us to talk if we are not ready to do so. That's why it is ideal for understanding and moving through difficult emotions. I offer guided journaling on variety of topics every Friday.

During the classes, we go through a warm up exercise so to challenge you to find a space where you do not need to edit what you are feeling. After that we go through themed journaling prompts such as loneliness, dreaming big or handling confrontation that will help you reframe and think about the topic from different angles. Maybe you will find small but solid and honest steps forward from difficult feelings that have been holding you back. Maybe you will learn more about yourself or maybe you will restate something you needed to be reminded of.

There is an opportunity to share any insights but it is by no means required. I thrive to create a space of respect, honesty and no judgement.

The class is donation-based. Pay what you can.

Sign up through the link above.

It is finally the joyous time for me to reunite with my family in Finland and after 2 long years see them. Due to this, there will be no classes next week. If you would like a recording instead of a p

I appreciate more personal connections and that for me seems to happen via email more than on social media. It is useful because: You will have a better chance of getting one of those free spots avail