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Guided Reflection for Self-Discovery & Wellbeing

This course goes through a guided 24 day reflection/journaling practice with a focus on wellbeing and self-discovery.
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Guided Reflection for Self-Discovery & Wellbeing

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Do you wake up and wonder what happened in the last few months or even a year? Do you suffer with anxiety?

Life can feel like a whirlwind to look back at and collate all thoughts and lessons it has brought with it. Self-care is incredibly important and reflecting regularly is a wonderful way to learn how to lead the kind of life you dream of with minimal effort in any circumstances you find yourself in. It celebrates the big wins and aids in personal growth.

This holistic course goes through a guided 24 day reflection practice with a focus on wellbeing. 

You will receive carefully curated and exclusive video material, short 5-7 min guided meditations and bespoke reflection prompts to train your mind to observe, make sense of your experiences and discover new direction while taking good care of YOU. The materials are sent in 3 day intervals and each part takes on average 20-40min to complete.

You will also have access to 2 live reflections with me and other course part-takers during the time. These are your chance to ask any questions you may have, talk about any road blocks you have faced and to simply stay accountable.

It is for you, if you:
  • Often feel like you haven’t made any progress.
  • Feel overwhelmed for one reason or another.
  • Struggle to accept if something doesn’t go to plan or isn’t perfect.
  • Seek a fresh and new perspective or direction.
  • Know it’s time to slow down and focus on what you really need.
  • Find it difficult but crave to make guilt-free time for yourself.
  • Want to build a more grounded sense of self-awareness, growth and confidence.
  • Would like to learn how to be kinder and better take care for YOU.
  • Have little to no experience in meditation.

Your guide, Milla Tulonen is a Finnish, UK-based, multi-passionate creative. She creates safe spaces for self-discovery through yoga, reflection and meditation with a specific focus on wellbeing in different stages of life.

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